Time for yourself

Laura Ramiro Pires Brammer; MSc Psychologie, Coach en Trainer

Allow yourself a time-out to spend time and awareness on yourself and your needs. No expectations, everything is open. Make an appointment with yourself in Oegstgeest, I’ll be there to support you. It’s up to you! 


Do you not feel at home, lost, misunderstood or lonely? Do you feel stressed or are you hoping for some tranquility and peace? Do you have the tendency to go beyond your limits and expect too much from yourself? Would you like to find out what you want? Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your feelings and your wishes? Do you easily lose sight of your goals? Do you have the feeling to lose control? Would you like to change something but don’t know how? Are you troubled with feelings of guilt? Would you like to find ‘your balance’?

Then allow yourself some time out in a safe and gentle environment, accompanied by a psychologist, to engage with yourself and listen to your needs. It can help you to recover, to find a feeling of home, to find your energy and balance, to get further in life, to induce change, to prevent stress and burnout, to find happiness... whatever you need! 


My name is Laura and I am a psychologist (M.Sc. Health Psychology), coach and trainer. I grew up in Hamburg, with a German father and a Portuguese mother. After high school I spent a year in Belize, Central America, living and working among the Mayan people. Thereafter I studied media technologies in Cottbus (Eastern Germany) for two years. Then, I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my University career in psychology. Now, with lots of enthusiasm, I teach psychology and medical students at Leiden University, as well as salsa dancing.

I want to use my talent in coaching and training to support people in approaching themselves and their life in a kind and loving way. I believe that self-compassion is the basis for change, mental healing, and happiness!

I get inspiration for my work from several sources; including my studies in psychology, the trainers course communication skills, the cognitive-behavioral approach, the acceptance and commitment approach, the gestalt approach, mindfulness, the f**k-it method, the pulsar vision etc. Furthermore, I learn by my own personal experiences, intensive self-reflection, and vicariously through the experiences of others.

I speak and work fluently in Dutch, English or German. However, if you are Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking, there is no problem if you prefer to speak and write in your mother tongue. I understand you! 


Together with you, I would like to create a situation where you can feel safe to experience and approach what you are dealing with at this moment. This situation will be one of tranquility, one free of distraction, and one of gentle support and confidentiality, enabling you to focus on yourself.

Together, we can search for what is going on in your life and what you need to do to get further. Maybe it‘s only a short time-out without expectations, some room for emotions, an independent non-judging listener, a safe situation where you may say anything you want, a plan to proceed, some support and structure to make a decision, some tips to deal with cultural differences, a mirror held in front of you or something else that might help you further. It is likely that the first step would even be to find out what you would need. Everything is open. It’s up to you!

Hopefully, it can help you to live more from within yourself and your heart, to create a feeling of home, to make conscious decisions, to prevent stress and burnout, to find energy and engagement or to find your happiness.


Feel welcomed and get in contact with me. If it is not possible to reach me, please talk on my voicemail and I will get in touch with to you as soon as possible.

mobile phone: +31 617 39 76 98
mail: info@tijd-voor-jezelf.nu

twitter: @timeforyourself

adres: Room 2.25, Wilhelminapark 17, 2342 AD Oegstgeest